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Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore [2010]

This is a very informative documentary which covers Herschell Gordon Lewis’s filmography show casing all of his films, paying particular attention to his gore films.  It also features many legendary filmmakers such a David Friedman, Doris Wishman, Bunny Yeager, and John Waters.  The filmmakers, cast and crew members, and film historians discuss the legacy of Herschell the Great through a series of interviews, commentary on behind the scenes footage, and commentary on clips from his films.  This documentary also explores his personal and his business relationships with David Friedman, which is interesting because Friedman too is legendary in the world of exploitation films.  This is a very well made, well-informed documentary which documents a classic era in filmmaking that may never be again.  Lewis set a new standard for horror and exploitation filmmaking whose influence is deep-rooted and far-reaching.

Directors:  Frank Henenlotter &  Jimmy Maslon


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