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Pervert! [2005]

James is returning home from college for summer vacation to visit his father, Hezekiah and is soon about to embark on an important journey of self discovery.  Most of his life James was the shy type who never had much luck in making it with the ladies.  But all of that is about to change as James learns valuable life lessons vital to any young man’s developement such as; how to drive while having sex, how to sculpt a woman out of raw meat, and how to cover up the accidental death of a prostitute.  After  James dry spell comes to an end, the women he has sex with become victims of violent murders.  It is soon revealed that a curse was place upon James, while he was visiting a witch-doctor to help make himself appear more attractive to the opposite sex.  The curse causes his penis to detach itself from his body and develop a fatal attraction for the women he engages in intercourse.  This film blends t&a, comedy, gore, and stop-motion animated penis’, to pay tribute to one of America’s greatest filmmakers Russ Meyer.  Many aspects of the film are similar to a Meyer production such as, its use of sound and editing, its portrait of over-sexualized women with strong sexual desires, and its portrayal of baffled  men who become dumbfounded by these women’s sexuality; but it also blend elements of 50’s horror and 60’s gore making it a hybrid masterpiece.

Directed By:  Jonathan Yudis        Written By:  Mike Davis


2 responses to “Pervert! [2005]

  1. Anonymous ⋅

    saw it. liked it. but still lacking in some way. it had all the cheese from valley of the dolls and faster pussy cat kill, kill. i think its the general look of i think. great editing tho.

  2. Anonymous ⋅

    I loved this film. And your review was a delight to read. There is something so great about watching a man dumbfounded over a woman’s sexuality. And that stop motion animated penis, don’t get me started.

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