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Over The Top [1987]

Over The Top is so horrible that it deserves an honorable mention amongst the ranks of cinematic disasters.  It tells the story of a down on his luck trucker, Lincoln Hawk who is attempting to reestablish a strong bond with his son, Michael Cutler.  Hawk teaches his son the value of long hauls, instills him with a strong sense of masculinity and teaches him the importance of competitive arm wrestling.  His life lessons all involve taking charge of your life, Hawk tells his son, “The world meets nobody halfway. When you want something, you gotta take it.”  Complications arise when, Jason Cutler, Michael’s grandfather forbids him from being with his dad on the grounds that he is a deadbeat.  This causes internal conflicts within Hawk, which serve as obstacles of which he must overcome to win the love of his son, and to regain his sense of pride.  The climax of the film involves a high stakes, arm wrestling competition, in which the winner takes all, 50,000 cash, and a sweet new rig.  Will Hawk come out victorious?  Will he gain the admiration of his son?

Directed By:  Menahem Gola        Written By: Gary Conway & David Engelbach


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