Assault on Precinct 13 [1976]

The film begins with a news clip warning Los Angeles residents of the dangerous  gang, ‘street thunder’, whom recently stole numerous automatic guns from local law enforcement.  A shootout which claims the lives of six street thunder members causes the remaining members to make a blood oath known, as a ‘cholo’ to avenge their fallen brothers.  Meanwhile precinct 13 of the LAPD is in the process of relocation, in effect leaving the station vulnerable to attack.  ‘Street Thunder’ see this as an opportune time to carry out their plans for revenge.  The result is a deadly shoot out between the gang and Lieutenant Ethan Bishop, who is forced to enlist the help from two inmates being held in custody.  The scenario is similar to Night of the Living Dead, in that a small handful of survivors are trapped and must defend themselves with a limited amount of resources.  Out numbered and outgunned, Bishop and company must find a way to outwit the gang if they wish to survive and safely escape.  This film contains many high paced action packed sequences accompanied by an awesome soundtrack, which Carpenter also composed.

Written and Directed by:  John Carpenter


Squirm [1976]

Squirm is a brilliant example of the eco terror film in its finest form.  A thunder and lightning storm causes power lines to fall, over which results in 30,000 watts of electricity into the wet soil.  Coincidently this happens to be right near a local worm farm.  The jolts of electricity cause the worms to raise to the surface with a thirst for human blood.  Before long the worms take over the quite town of Fly Creak in Georgia.  The worms burrow their way into your skin and eat you alive leaving behind a clean skeleton.  The film has a few scenes contain mild gore, but nothing too extreme.  The scenes of the worms themselves sent shivers down my spine, due to my worm phobia.  The perfect blend of comedy, horror, and camp, this film is sure to satisfy all your movie viewing needs.

Written and directed by : Jeff Liberman