I Dirnk Your Blood [1970]

When a group of Satanist hippies known as SADOS (Sons and Daughters of Satan) pass through the small town of Valley Hills, it’s all bad.  The group of misfits terrorize a young girl leaving her bruised and beaten.  Outraged by this vicious attack the young woman’s grandfather grabs his shotgun and confronts the group of young thugs.  He too becomes the victim of a beating and is also dosed with LSD, which leaves him a raving maniac.   The man’s grandson decided to take matters into his own hand.  The young boy shots a rapid dog and extracts its infected blood, he then injects some into a dozen meat pies which are to be consumed by the cult.  Once infected the gang become rabid maniacs with a thirst for human blood.  The infection soon spreads to a group of local construction workers, who further spread the disease.  Soon the whole town is in chaos leaving a small group of survivors who must fend off a mob of rabid blood thirsty lunatics.

Written and Directed By:  David E. Durston


Fight For Your Life [1977]

Fight for your life is highly offensive in its use of racism towards african americans and at times extremely difficult to watch .  Three escaped convicts hold middle class minister Ted Turner and his family hostage at gun point and proceed to taunt and degrade.  The dialogue is filled with inflammatory racist remarks that are very unsettling.  I myself am a fan of racial humor, but many of the remarks in this film far transcend the limits of humor or decency.  A good part of the film is dedicated to the torment of this poor family and it isn’t until the convicts sexually assault and rape, Ted Turner’s daughter that the family decides to revolt against their captors.  This film is a prime an example of exploitation filmmaking in it’s finest form guaranteed to be enjoyed by girndhouse era film junkies.

Directed By:  Robert A. Endelson   Written By: Straw Weisman

Zombie Holocaust aka: Dr. Butcher M.D. [1980]

The title is a little misleading, there are no nazis and few zombies, and half a dozen murders hardly constitutes as a holocaust.  This is the first film I’ve seen to use both cannibals and zombies, so naturally I thought it should be good, but damn was I wrong.  Like many other cannibal films, this one depicts indigenous people as half nude savages, unable to control their urges.   Unlike most cannibal films, this film’s few gore scenes are lame and tame in comparison to their predecessors.  As far as zombies, these have got to be the worst I’ve ever seen (much worse than Redneck zombies).  There are two things i really liked in this film.  The first is a scene involving a body falling from the top floor of a hospital, once the body hits the ground its left arm pops off making it obvious that it was a dummy.  The second is a single line which states, “prepare the operating table, I’m interested in experimenting a male caucasian brain.”  Everything about this film from its amateurish production to its poorly written script is horrible.  Almost no redeeming value, this is by far the worst cannibal and or zombie movie I have ever seen.

Director: Marino Girolami

Writters:  Fabrizio De Angelis &  Romano Scandariato