The Human Centipede 2 -Full Sequence- [2011]

Human Centipede 2 (full sequence) is by far sicker, more sadistic, more depraved, and all around better than its predecessor.  Full sequence takes off right where First Sequence leaves off.  Martin is a disturbed sociopath obsessing over the film Human Centipede and the idea Dr. Heiter’s pet creation thus he sets his sights on creating his own Human Centipede.  In First sequence the film was billed as medically accurate, the disturbingly sinister doctor performs a horrific surgery in which he stitches three victims together mouth to anus, although there are numerous potential medical risks that would make this scenario impossible the implications are still rather bothersome.  Full Sequence is marketed as medically inaccurate which paves the way for an extremely disturbing scenario in which Martin creates his own pet out of twelve, yes twelve victims.  Due to his limited mental facilities, and lack of proper surgical equipment  his botched surgery goes horrendously wrong.  The plot itself is disturbing enough, however this film also features some of the most graphic violence and sadistic perversion  I have ever seen in a film.  If I were to make a list of the 5 most graphic films I’ve seen of all time this would easily rank amongst them.  Prior to seeing this, the most disturbing use of human fecal matter I’ve seen in a movie was Salo 120 days of Sodom, but this film takes it to a new extreme, and if you know about Salo this is saying a lot (I now both films used substitutes for feces, but it’s still an extremely taboo subject, rarely ventured into and probably better off that way).  According to director Tom Six the third and final instalment is in production and due to be released in 2013, and is set to be more graphic and more disturbing than this instalment.  Six says that the Final Sequence will begin where Full Sequence left off, and that it is set to feature appearances by Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey, and Six has cast Himself along in a supporting role as well.

Written and Directed by: Tom Six


2 Headed Shark Attack [2012]

A group of college students and their professor are on a semester at sea ship in which they are about to experience “educational opportunities beyond their wildest expectations” as Professor Babish accurately foreshadows.  In the midst of enjoying themselves, a large shark  unexpectedly becomes lodged in the ships motor, causing severe to the exterior.  The students and their professor seek refuge at a nearby atoll, while the ship’s crew attempt to repair the damages.  The group soon learns that they unwillingly sailed into the middle of a two-headed shark’s feeding frenzy.  The monster soon begins to devour the students some times singled out and sometimes in pairs, ripping them apart limb by limb.  The rampage continues until most of the group is consumed, forcing the remaining survivors to devise a plan to distract and attack the beast.  Overall this is an extremely poorly made production with horrific special effects, unbelievable acting, and far-fetched scenarios.  A couple of aspects of this film i enjoyed were the gore and the acting talents of the lovely leading ladies Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan.  Brook especially, she manages to bring that Hogan shine to the big screen that her father did with films like Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny.

Director:  Christopher Ray     Writter:  H. Perry Horton

The Skin I Live In [2011]

This film is truly terrify, with an extremely disturbing plot.  The plot centers around a doctor, Robert Ledgard but who has a morbid fascination with skin and a great interest in drastic altering people physical appearance.  His daughter becomes the victim of a sexual assault, deeply distraught and severely unstable she takes her own life.  Dr. then decides to kidnap Vincent the perpetrator of the assault, and subject him to a series of bizarre medical experiments.  Vincent’s whole anatomy is physically altered and he is shaped in the image of Ledgard’s deceased wife and renamed, Vera.   Vera is held in captivity for years, and kept under close surveillance by Dr. Ledgard who begins to obsess over her.  Vera tells him that she loves him and couldn’t live without him, but is she telling the truth?  Watch and see, this is one of the most imaginative horror films ever, it borrows ideas from the classic “eyes without a face” but makes them much more horrific.  I really felt trapped and horrified while watching this film, takes the maniacal doctor idea to a whole new extreme.

Director:  Pedro Almodóvar       Written by:  Pedro Almodóvar, Agustín Almodóvar, & Thierry Jonquet

The Ward [2010]

The ward tells the tale of a group of women in a mental institution who are terrorized by a ghost residing with in the hospital halls.  A newly admitted woman, begins to notice a series of strange happenings within the connfines of the ward.  After questioning the other four about events, it soon becomes apparent that the girls are hiding a deep dark secret.  Once their secret is revealed the plot thickens  and a strange twist occured which completely caught me off guard taking the film into a darker setting.  The film uses unique techniques and excellent use of music in creating a frightening atmosphere.  Overall I enjoyed this film, the story itself seemed a little lacking, however the technical aspects of this film made it an enjoyable watch, along with the fact that I really enjoyed watching almost all of Carpenter’s previous films.

Director:  John Carpenter   Written By:  Michael & Shawn Rasmussen

The Woman [2011]

This film tells the tale of Chris Cleek a man who captures a woman in the wild who lives a very savage existence.  She behaves and almost looks very animatistic and dwells in a make shift cave within the wilderness.  He takes her home, cuffs her and keeps her in captivity.  The woman is subjected to a series of crule and unusual punishments at the hand of Chris and his son Brian who displays very disturbing misogynistic attitudes towards women obviously learned from his father.  The story climaxes when Chris’s daughter Peggy, frees the woman, who in turn gets revenge on  her captors.  The film takes a strange twist in which evidence of more extreme cruelty has taken place.  An excellent horror film with excellent acting and good production value, highly recomended to fans of well produced horror films.  Also make  note to stay tuned for the entertaining short which follows after the feature credits.  I’m hoping that the killer woman becomes a new trend in horror film production, it would be nice to see more films with women commiting the violence rather than being on the recieving end of it.

Director:  Lucky McKee  Writters:  Lucky McKee & Jack Ketchum

The Last Circus [2010]

The Last Circus is a landmark achievement in filmmaking history.  This is seriously one of the best films i have seen recently.  It a bizarre, violent drama about a cast belonging to a circus in Madrid.  The plot centers around Sergio the happy clown and Javier the sad clown, and their love of the beautiful and talented acrobat Natalia.  Tensions rise and what begins as a few scuffles, ensues into a violent outburst by Javier, in which he  beats Sergio repeatedly in the face with a trumpet.  Javier flees, leaving Sergio behind barely alive and badly disfigured.  At This point Javier’s character undergoes many serious changes, in which he literally behaves and acts as an animal, thus becoming a deranged maniac.  Javier, disfigures his own face and makes a new costume which looks like a demented pope.  He soon returns, to make a “declaration of love” to Natalia, whom is horrified by the new makeover.  A bloody battle between Javier and Sergio follows.  Visually stunning, very well written and well acted, push the film into to the ranks of classics.  This film is bound for cult status and will be talked about for years to come.

Directed and Written By:  Alex de la Iglesia

Saturday the 14th [1981]

Do not let the title mislead you, this film is awesome.  Saturday the 14th is the ultimate homage to popular horror movies.  It features many iconic monsters and makes reference to many popular horror films.  A young boy discovers “the book of evil” when his family moves into a new house they recently inherited, unknowingly the boy releases a wide variety of monsters after reading verses from the book.  After experiencing a series of strange occurrences and getting a serious case of bats in the attic, the family enlists the help of Van Helsing.  A battle between Van Helsing and a Vampire break out for possession of the book.   Ultimately this is a comedy movie, it features  many monsters but none of them are scary and none of them kill.   This is a very harmless light-hearted film that can be enjoyed by many.  It’s still a b-movie, but it has the sensibility of a family film.

Zombie Holocaust aka: Dr. Butcher M.D. [1980]

The title is a little misleading, there are no nazis and few zombies, and half a dozen murders hardly constitutes as a holocaust.  This is the first film I’ve seen to use both cannibals and zombies, so naturally I thought it should be good, but damn was I wrong.  Like many other cannibal films, this one depicts indigenous people as half nude savages, unable to control their urges.   Unlike most cannibal films, this film’s few gore scenes are lame and tame in comparison to their predecessors.  As far as zombies, these have got to be the worst I’ve ever seen (much worse than Redneck zombies).  There are two things i really liked in this film.  The first is a scene involving a body falling from the top floor of a hospital, once the body hits the ground its left arm pops off making it obvious that it was a dummy.  The second is a single line which states, “prepare the operating table, I’m interested in experimenting a male caucasian brain.”  Everything about this film from its amateurish production to its poorly written script is horrible.  Almost no redeeming value, this is by far the worst cannibal and or zombie movie I have ever seen.

Director: Marino Girolami

Writters:  Fabrizio De Angelis &  Romano Scandariato

Final Destination 5 (2011)

Death comes ripping, again!!!  The Final Destination series has never failed to let me down, it seems that these films have progressively gotten better, and bigger.  I was sold on this film from the  beginning which shows a large bridge undergoing maintenance collapse, killing hundreds.  It starts the same as any other FD film, a group of friends cheat death due to the premonition of an on coming disaster.  In this case it was coworkers taking a bus to a weekend retreat about to cross the bridge that is under construction.  Like always death comes back for them one by one in the order they were supposed to die.   Some of the deaths scenes in this film are more innovative than some of the previous efforts, all are extremely violent and gory as is always the case with these films.  Most of the characters are portrayed in such an ugly manner that you can’t wait for death to catch them, while others are depicted as wholesome characters who you would like to see escape the clutches of Death.  If you are a fan of the franchise this film will not let you down, I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite FD film.

Director:  Steven Quale

Writers: Eric Heisserer, Jeffery Reddick

Squirm [1976]

Squirm is a brilliant example of the eco terror film in its finest form.  A thunder and lightning storm causes power lines to fall, over which results in 30,000 watts of electricity into the wet soil.  Coincidently this happens to be right near a local worm farm.  The jolts of electricity cause the worms to raise to the surface with a thirst for human blood.  Before long the worms take over the quite town of Fly Creak in Georgia.  The worms burrow their way into your skin and eat you alive leaving behind a clean skeleton.  The film has a few scenes contain mild gore, but nothing too extreme.  The scenes of the worms themselves sent shivers down my spine, due to my worm phobia.  The perfect blend of comedy, horror, and camp, this film is sure to satisfy all your movie viewing needs.

Written and directed by : Jeff Liberman