Graphic Sexual Horror [2009]

Graphic Sexual Horror is a documentary that goes inside the mind of PD, creator of the notorious, now defunct website, and explores its creation and conception behinds the scene . showcased extreme S&M  bondage with many themes depicting graphic violence which borders on torture against women.  The content of some of PD’s work appears as if you are looking the gaze of a deranged maniac, as he slowly and tortures and taunts these women.  Interviews suggest that the graphic nature of this pornography contained a hint of reality, which left many of them women bruised and humiliated after its production.  Many of the models referred to by Numbers suggest that they main reason they modeled for was the money.  It is suggested that use of “safe words” was highly discouraged and would often lead to termination from, it is also suggested that PD showed favoritism towards his models who would “play” with him.  To me it is extremely evident that PD is a raging misogynist, with troubling issues who basically bribed these women to live out his warped sexual fantasies.  I do however think that there is a degree of artistic merit to some of his work.  I’m a fan of classic stylized bondage, such as the work of Irving Klaw, or the classic Olga films, but this extreme s&m style bondage is very unappealing to me, this documentary however provides a fascinating unbiased look into a world of extreme perversion unlike anything you are likely to have seen.

Directors:  Barbara Bell &  Anna Lorentzon         Writer:   Barbara Bell