I Dirnk Your Blood [1970]

When a group of Satanist hippies known as SADOS (Sons and Daughters of Satan) pass through the small town of Valley Hills, it’s all bad.  The group of misfits terrorize a young girl leaving her bruised and beaten.  Outraged by this vicious attack the young woman’s grandfather grabs his shotgun and confronts the group of young thugs.  He too becomes the victim of a beating and is also dosed with LSD, which leaves him a raving maniac.   The man’s grandson decided to take matters into his own hand.  The young boy shots a rapid dog and extracts its infected blood, he then injects some into a dozen meat pies which are to be consumed by the cult.  Once infected the gang become rabid maniacs with a thirst for human blood.  The infection soon spreads to a group of local construction workers, who further spread the disease.  Soon the whole town is in chaos leaving a small group of survivors who must fend off a mob of rabid blood thirsty lunatics.

Written and Directed By:  David E. Durston