The Human Centipede 2 -Full Sequence- [2011]

Human Centipede 2 (full sequence) is by far sicker, more sadistic, more depraved, and all around better than its predecessor.  Full sequence takes off right where First Sequence leaves off.  Martin is a disturbed sociopath obsessing over the film Human Centipede and the idea Dr. Heiter’s pet creation thus he sets his sights on creating his own Human Centipede.  In First sequence the film was billed as medically accurate, the disturbingly sinister doctor performs a horrific surgery in which he stitches three victims together mouth to anus, although there are numerous potential medical risks that would make this scenario impossible the implications are still rather bothersome.  Full Sequence is marketed as medically inaccurate which paves the way for an extremely disturbing scenario in which Martin creates his own pet out of twelve, yes twelve victims.  Due to his limited mental facilities, and lack of proper surgical equipment  his botched surgery goes horrendously wrong.  The plot itself is disturbing enough, however this film also features some of the most graphic violence and sadistic perversion  I have ever seen in a film.  If I were to make a list of the 5 most graphic films I’ve seen of all time this would easily rank amongst them.  Prior to seeing this, the most disturbing use of human fecal matter I’ve seen in a movie was Salo 120 days of Sodom, but this film takes it to a new extreme, and if you know about Salo this is saying a lot (I now both films used substitutes for feces, but it’s still an extremely taboo subject, rarely ventured into and probably better off that way).  According to director Tom Six the third and final instalment is in production and due to be released in 2013, and is set to be more graphic and more disturbing than this instalment.  Six says that the Final Sequence will begin where Full Sequence left off, and that it is set to feature appearances by Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey, and Six has cast Himself along in a supporting role as well.

Written and Directed by: Tom Six

2 Headed Shark Attack [2012]

A group of college students and their professor are on a semester at sea ship in which they are about to experience “educational opportunities beyond their wildest expectations” as Professor Babish accurately foreshadows.  In the midst of enjoying themselves, a large shark  unexpectedly becomes lodged in the ships motor, causing severe to the exterior.  The students and their professor seek refuge at a nearby atoll, while the ship’s crew attempt to repair the damages.  The group soon learns that they unwillingly sailed into the middle of a two-headed shark’s feeding frenzy.  The monster soon begins to devour the students some times singled out and sometimes in pairs, ripping them apart limb by limb.  The rampage continues until most of the group is consumed, forcing the remaining survivors to devise a plan to distract and attack the beast.  Overall this is an extremely poorly made production with horrific special effects, unbelievable acting, and far-fetched scenarios.  A couple of aspects of this film i enjoyed were the gore and the acting talents of the lovely leading ladies Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan.  Brook especially, she manages to bring that Hogan shine to the big screen that her father did with films like Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny.

Director:  Christopher Ray     Writter:  H. Perry Horton

Over The Top [1987]

Over The Top is so horrible that it deserves an honorable mention amongst the ranks of cinematic disasters.  It tells the story of a down on his luck trucker, Lincoln Hawk who is attempting to reestablish a strong bond with his son, Michael Cutler.  Hawk teaches his son the value of long hauls, instills him with a strong sense of masculinity and teaches him the importance of competitive arm wrestling.  His life lessons all involve taking charge of your life, Hawk tells his son, “The world meets nobody halfway. When you want something, you gotta take it.”  Complications arise when, Jason Cutler, Michael’s grandfather forbids him from being with his dad on the grounds that he is a deadbeat.  This causes internal conflicts within Hawk, which serve as obstacles of which he must overcome to win the love of his son, and to regain his sense of pride.  The climax of the film involves a high stakes, arm wrestling competition, in which the winner takes all, 50,000 cash, and a sweet new rig.  Will Hawk come out victorious?  Will he gain the admiration of his son?

Directed By:  Menahem Gola        Written By: Gary Conway & David Engelbach

I Dirnk Your Blood [1970]

When a group of Satanist hippies known as SADOS (Sons and Daughters of Satan) pass through the small town of Valley Hills, it’s all bad.  The group of misfits terrorize a young girl leaving her bruised and beaten.  Outraged by this vicious attack the young woman’s grandfather grabs his shotgun and confronts the group of young thugs.  He too becomes the victim of a beating and is also dosed with LSD, which leaves him a raving maniac.   The man’s grandson decided to take matters into his own hand.  The young boy shots a rapid dog and extracts its infected blood, he then injects some into a dozen meat pies which are to be consumed by the cult.  Once infected the gang become rabid maniacs with a thirst for human blood.  The infection soon spreads to a group of local construction workers, who further spread the disease.  Soon the whole town is in chaos leaving a small group of survivors who must fend off a mob of rabid blood thirsty lunatics.

Written and Directed By:  David E. Durston

Assault on Precinct 13 [1976]

The film begins with a news clip warning Los Angeles residents of the dangerous  gang, ‘street thunder’, whom recently stole numerous automatic guns from local law enforcement.  A shootout which claims the lives of six street thunder members causes the remaining members to make a blood oath known, as a ‘cholo’ to avenge their fallen brothers.  Meanwhile precinct 13 of the LAPD is in the process of relocation, in effect leaving the station vulnerable to attack.  ‘Street Thunder’ see this as an opportune time to carry out their plans for revenge.  The result is a deadly shoot out between the gang and Lieutenant Ethan Bishop, who is forced to enlist the help from two inmates being held in custody.  The scenario is similar to Night of the Living Dead, in that a small handful of survivors are trapped and must defend themselves with a limited amount of resources.  Out numbered and outgunned, Bishop and company must find a way to outwit the gang if they wish to survive and safely escape.  This film contains many high paced action packed sequences accompanied by an awesome soundtrack, which Carpenter also composed.

Written and Directed by:  John Carpenter

Graphic Sexual Horror [2009]

Graphic Sexual Horror is a documentary that goes inside the mind of PD, creator of the notorious, now defunct website, and explores its creation and conception behinds the scene . showcased extreme S&M  bondage with many themes depicting graphic violence which borders on torture against women.  The content of some of PD’s work appears as if you are looking the gaze of a deranged maniac, as he slowly and tortures and taunts these women.  Interviews suggest that the graphic nature of this pornography contained a hint of reality, which left many of them women bruised and humiliated after its production.  Many of the models referred to by Numbers suggest that they main reason they modeled for was the money.  It is suggested that use of “safe words” was highly discouraged and would often lead to termination from, it is also suggested that PD showed favoritism towards his models who would “play” with him.  To me it is extremely evident that PD is a raging misogynist, with troubling issues who basically bribed these women to live out his warped sexual fantasies.  I do however think that there is a degree of artistic merit to some of his work.  I’m a fan of classic stylized bondage, such as the work of Irving Klaw, or the classic Olga films, but this extreme s&m style bondage is very unappealing to me, this documentary however provides a fascinating unbiased look into a world of extreme perversion unlike anything you are likely to have seen.

Directors:  Barbara Bell &  Anna Lorentzon         Writer:   Barbara Bell

Pervert! [2005]

James is returning home from college for summer vacation to visit his father, Hezekiah and is soon about to embark on an important journey of self discovery.  Most of his life James was the shy type who never had much luck in making it with the ladies.  But all of that is about to change as James learns valuable life lessons vital to any young man’s developement such as; how to drive while having sex, how to sculpt a woman out of raw meat, and how to cover up the accidental death of a prostitute.  After  James dry spell comes to an end, the women he has sex with become victims of violent murders.  It is soon revealed that a curse was place upon James, while he was visiting a witch-doctor to help make himself appear more attractive to the opposite sex.  The curse causes his penis to detach itself from his body and develop a fatal attraction for the women he engages in intercourse.  This film blends t&a, comedy, gore, and stop-motion animated penis’, to pay tribute to one of America’s greatest filmmakers Russ Meyer.  Many aspects of the film are similar to a Meyer production such as, its use of sound and editing, its portrait of over-sexualized women with strong sexual desires, and its portrayal of baffled  men who become dumbfounded by these women’s sexuality; but it also blend elements of 50’s horror and 60’s gore making it a hybrid masterpiece.

Directed By:  Jonathan Yudis        Written By:  Mike Davis

Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam aka Turkish Star Wars (1982)

Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam seems to have been made using scraps off the floor from the Star Wars editing room, and tattered remains from materials used on the set of Yokai Monsters.  This film shamelessly robs  footage from star wars battle scenes and splices them with footage of hilariously cheesy fight sequences to produce a truly bizarre cinematic gem.  Continuity and common sense were obviously not issues of main concern when this film was being conceptualized, scripted, and filmed.  The action scenes contain some of the most unconventional editing techniques I’ve ever seen.  Jump cuts, odd angles, and chaotic editing, give the fight sequence an edge, making them very entertaining and extremely different from anything in Star Wars or Starcrash.  At first I expected this to be similar to the classic star wars knock off, Starcrash, but this film is far stranger and much more entertaining.  Our hero’s Krate chop their way through zombies, monsters, ninjas, robots, and an evil wizard.  I’m admittedly not well versed in Turkish cinema, I’m constantly learning about new titles and new directors, but this has got to be one of the best cult classics I have ever seen out of Turkey.

Directed by:  Çetin İnanç         Written By:  Cüneyt Arkın

Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore [2010]

This is a very informative documentary which covers Herschell Gordon Lewis’s filmography show casing all of his films, paying particular attention to his gore films.  It also features many legendary filmmakers such a David Friedman, Doris Wishman, Bunny Yeager, and John Waters.  The filmmakers, cast and crew members, and film historians discuss the legacy of Herschell the Great through a series of interviews, commentary on behind the scenes footage, and commentary on clips from his films.  This documentary also explores his personal and his business relationships with David Friedman, which is interesting because Friedman too is legendary in the world of exploitation films.  This is a very well made, well-informed documentary which documents a classic era in filmmaking that may never be again.  Lewis set a new standard for horror and exploitation filmmaking whose influence is deep-rooted and far-reaching.

Directors:  Frank Henenlotter &  Jimmy Maslon